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The place for announcements, updates, questions and clover redemption! Your horse approved to lead a herd? Make sure to post in Updates! Is today your birthday? Head over and redeem those birthday clovers!

``she is but blood and glass by Ciaran

Come here to complete all of the necessary filings to become an official member of Pantheon. This includes letting us know your account is an ooc account, getting your character application approved, or adopting a new character.

Graphics & Coding
Official Code Testing Thread by Istanu

Need an image or posting template made for one of your characters? Come here to request graphics from other talented members. If you're interested in opening your own shop, get to it! We wanna buy your stuff already.

Count to 100! by Ciaran

This board is open to anything and everything that you can think of. Rant about your day, ask questions you've been dying to know, share something interesting, hold a poll to broaden your perspectives... the possibilities are endless!

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If you're one of those people who like to keep all of your information in one place, post a character log. Many people use these to keep track of current threads, character images, relationships, and other things.

Plots & Schemes
{ devils among us by Cain Leviathan

One of the best ways to fully immerse yourself in the role-playing world is to plot with other members. Use this board to find other members to fulfill the relationships you'd like to have for your characters.

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In Character

Aether Dominion
All Alone - Open by Vaermina

The mighty gods and goddesses of Pantheon reside in the Aether Dominion, ruling over all of the Realms in times of peace and times of war. The deities of Time, Life, Death, and Aura call the Elysium Citadel home, while descendants and wanderers roam the lands beneath.

Incendiary Realm

The Incendiary Realm is home to those who are able to manipulate fire, lightning, and lava. Their royalty lives in the Choleric Fortress, overseeing over the arid and sometimes very dry lands.

Terrene Realm
♕ SKYFALL // Jun by Galaxy Graves

The green world of the Terrene Realm is where the horses who can master the elements of earth, healing, and poison. The Malachite Safehold is where their king (or queen) can be found, keeping the rest of the lively world safe.

Tempest Realm
Heaven's Keeper ||RULES|| by CHEVEYO ATLAS

The Tempest Realm is home to the unpredictable manipulators of air and weather. The Imperial Keep, located atop a high mountain, is where their leaders live, looking down upon the rest of the hilly green lands.

Aqueous Realm

The watery Aqueous Realm houses the horses who have power over water and ice. Their royal subjects can be found in the Briny Deep Garrison, where the rest of the wondrous realm can be watched closely.

Azoic Realm
Something New {Lanika} by Lanika

The Azoic Realm is home to those who can manipulate the rather unusual elements of metal, radiation, and gravity. The Azoic royalty live in the Glittering Domicile, inside a shining golden pyramid city that is the greatest technological marvel in Pantheon.

The Capitol

This city is the bustling heart of Pantheon and a grand monument to the power of the gods as well as the Realms' diverse peoples. The Capitol is open to all Realm horses and because it has a border on each of the Realms, it is a hotbed for international politics.

Nomadic Lands
ITS BEEN A HELL OF A RIDE by Cradlecrash Manson

The Nomadic Lands have been decreed to be completely free for all to roam and wander across. They're located in various different places across Pantheon, and many interesting situations and interactions happen within them.
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